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Welcome to Eberron Unlimited! This is intended to be a repository for information regarding Eberron, both official and unofficial. I intend to widely expand upon certain aspects of the world which I love and hold so dear, as Wizards of the Coast has been neglecting it. This will be things like homemade dungeons, shops, items, NPC's, monsters and more all designed with the unique flavor of Eberron in mind. I urge you as readers to contribute as well. I have started work updating the forum for use, so that you may add your own creations to the mix, and host play by post games in the forums.

A secondary goal for this site as well would be to present a somewhat Living world feel to the site, constantly updating it with changes that happen in official Eberron content, such as those presented in the novels. As well, any play by post games that take place in the forums may find that their games have ramifications within the site, thereby affecting the world they play in. If you set up shop in Sharn, expect to see your shop listed and detailed in the main site.

Goals of the wiki

  • To compile old 3.5ed rules for players and GMs alike
  • To allow character sheets to be uploaded seamlessly and easily, with appropriate hyper linking.
  • To allow GMs to host their games on a wiki for their players and others to view
  • To detail and elaborate on aspects of Eberron, my favourite world, as well as insert custom and third party information, NPCs and stories into the world.

Latest News

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March 23rd, 2015
Finally came back to this site to start cleaning up things. Time to clean up all the fragmented and dead links and then finish off a few areas.

  • Site Flow - Would like to improve the flow of the site so that nobody ever has to go deeper than three links to find what they're looking for. To assist with this I will be putting a submission form on the front page shortly. If you find any information hard to get, have suggestions for layout changes, or have a request for a section of the page to be filled out or changed, please leave the feedback.
  • Forums - I had to close the forums to members of the site only due to some spammers coming in and cluttering it up. So now you'll have to be a member in order to create or edit posts or threads. I know they didn't get a whole lot of use before anyway, but I'd like them to be available for the people who are here.
  • Front Page - Going to try and redo this front page at some point, make it a little bit more appealling. Perhaps section it off into Featured Pages, Most Popular Content, News and maybe an RSS Feed or something? Suggestions welcome.
  • User Submitted Character Blocks - Going to start testing out character templates. One of my projects that I want to try out is allowing users to submit character sheets via a data form, which would then create that page in that template. Then I can work on fitting those characters into the site and the world. This way users can upload NPCs quickly and easily without needing to dive into Wiki Syntax.

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Most everything you will be looking for is covered under Character Creation, Player Information, DM Info and Rules on the Top Bar Drop-Downs. Also, you will find a lot under the About Eberron drop-down menu on the top bar and Sharn is also a popular choice so it also gets it's own drop-down menu in the top bar. The Side Bar Menu will slowly be filled out with more targeted information, campaign hosting, most popular pages, etc.

  • Page Discussions: Little known fact, at the bottom of each page is a link to discuss whichever page you're on. This opens up a page discussion page in the forum, in which you can contribute whatever you want, or bring up your beefs. This is a good way to bring to my attention any mistakes, unformatted pages or pages you want me to develop. Feel free to discuss away.
  • Ads: I have finally upgraded to wikidot's pro account using cash out of my own pocket. What this means is that I now have ad control on the site and any others I am associated with. So if you do see any malicious links or ads which are suspicious or just right out to lunch, please let me know so I can block the URLs. I don't need ad revenue badly enough to be posting links to scams or spyware/virus riddled sites.

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Angry-Mage Gaming Webring

This is a collection of the various games that I am involved with in some capacity, or wikis that I run.

Afghanistan Campaign/ Age of Ascension

While I was overseas this wiki was used to house a homebrew campaign which I tentatively named World in Conflict. Old Campaign Information The campaign was cut short with the tragic death of one of our players, Sgt. Scott Stream, when his vehicle struck an Improvised Explosive Device. I have been elaborating on the setting in his honor at Age of Ascension, and started moving the material over to that site. I will be leaving what was already on this page here, in case anybody is interested, but I will be restructuring the site and seperating it from the main eberron content for ease of use. Age of Ascension is becoming my own personal campaign setting and is used as a setting for the video game I am developing at Angry-Mage Games as well as being a tie-in to numerous other projects.

Popular Pages

List of Materials used for Construction
Magic Items
Warlock Invocations
Warforged Components

Recent Work

Building a Stronghold - Working on cleaning it up, converting it for Pathfinder rules and then expanding it over on Age of Ascension soon.
Atmospheric Conditions and Weather

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