Active Party Tasks

Main - Retrieve lost shipment of Cannith Cargo - Is on Wolfran Island. Found the ship, now are trying to find remaining cargo, ATB moved North to Smugglers ship. Reward 300gp per member, plus small commision and entrance into Private Investigation Company.

Side - Free Zarzax Elemental - Is bound on the second story of a half destroyed airship tower/construction lab, needs the binding stone to erase the binding circle it is trapped in. Stone was on airship before exlosion. Party has found 1/2 so far. Remaining half possiblyin north ruins. Reward: Zarzax will aid them sometime in the future when called upon, one time only, in exchange for it being able to exact revenge on it's captor, Lord Wolfran.
Update - Gem has been re-assembled and Zarzax is biding it's time within it until the time to strike is right.

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