Adventure 2

Game starts with reward for prior adventure.
Reward is as follows: 200gp per character, 1 Promotion point per character.

Impact from the last mission is as follows:
Border security tightened, priests are not allowed free travel between countries.
Trade route between Drakewatch and Angwar Keep now has patrols.
A hobgoblin, with a red mohawk, Cinder Worg rider was spared and will do the same for the party in the future.
The FOB which was being used as a staging point for Grandian spies has been torn down.
15 VP for retrieval of Intelligence

New Mission

Togen was supposed to be producing some Blue Ice weaponry for a special unit of mountain-ops troops from the Church of Bahamut, of which Geon is a member, to deal with an uprising of Red Dragonspawn in the Mountains. He received some Blue Ice from a mine in the northern mountains and when he was satisfied he sent off an order for the amount he needed; however it has not came. The players are to head north to the mountain mine and make sure that nothing has happened.

When they get there they find that the mine has been the victim of sabotage. A Grandian spymaster, Tiefling, made a deal with Infernia for some undead troops and a devil which he released into the mine under guise of a shipment of tools. The miners were all slain, and the Grandian Spymaster left. It went a little wrong however and a few of the Goblin Grunt spies were trapped in the depths of the mine.

When Geon comes to Drakewatch it ison order from his church to retrieve the weapons, but they are not in. So Togen assures him that a patrol is being sent out to investigate, and if he would like to accompany them he is more than welcome.

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