Fire Dino

An old elemental, the fire elemental Zarnax who once guarded the airship tower, surged back into life, drawn to the explosion at the volcano in the Southwest. Along it's way it ran into a Thri-Kreen riding a Tyrannosaurus away from the scene of a great battle. The Thri-Kreen attempted to kill Zarnax, but failed, only succeeding in enraging the ancient force of nature which proceeded to burn him to cinders. A strange thing happened when Zarnax touched the command circlet the Thri-Kreen was wearing however, it felt a connection to another primal force of nature that it had never experienced and he flowed into that force. The result was a ferocious combination of Fire and savage Dinosaur with an appetite for consumption that would rival the Devourer's and yet still a tiny bit of intelligence. The symbiotic pair continued to the volcano as Zarnax had planned, but when he reached it and bathed in the flames and lava his hunger attracted a unique kind of attention, that of the Sahuagin tribe living off the southwestern coast. They now preach that Zarnax-rex is the avatar of The Devourer and they look to him as a representation of their god, as well as a divine tool to help them achieve their twisted ends.


Image Source: Anuwolf of DeviantArt

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