John's Heist

Campaign In-world Start Date:

An agent of the Couriers Guild, Post Captain Viggo Carrier, has hit upon possible treachery within the ranks of his subordinates. His section of the guild is responsible for messages and post. Three shipments, sent by lightning rail, have disappeared in as many days. Two were reported to have reached their destinations, only to have been subsequently mishandled and further reported never having been delivered by the client himself. The other disappeared in transit, right under the eyes of the agents working the job. Viggo has decided to contract out to a group of four operatives with experience in the courier world. Their mission will be to shadow a four-strong contingent of Courier Guild agents, all suspect, as they accompany a very tempting shipment to its destination. The players' objectives will be threefold: First, root out the treachery. Second, bring the operatives to guild justice alive if possible. Third, discover the villain in receipt of the stolen shipment.

Objective 1: 3000 gp
Objective 1+2: 3000 gp and offer of papers of free travel upon request.
Objective 1+2+3: 3000 gp and Quickstone of Orien for each players

Main Events:
1. Hiring of players by Viggo
2. Departure of players via lightning rail to Sharn by way of Sword Keep, Hatheril, Wroat.
3. Action at Sword Keep. Players disembark to shadow suspects, make first important discovery.
4. Action at Hatheril, players have opportunity to discover the villain in receipt.
5. Action at Wroat, players have the opportunity to recover the stolen shipment itself, by way of final battle on the ship it's being smuggled on.
6. Arrival at Sharn, receipt of appropriate reward.

Important NPC's:
Post-Captain Viggo Carrier - Agent of Courier's guild, responsible for mail transfers.

Important Places:
Passage - Passage Courier's Guildhouse, Passage Lightning Rail Station
Sword Keep -
Hatheril -
Wroat -
Sharn -

Storm Pigeon - The lightning rail which will be carrying the party along their journey.

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