Kung Fu Demons

An ancient and incredibly powerful Rakshasa, named Lungtai, the developer of ancient Blade Magic, was long ago bound to a frail immortal form on the material plane. He was bound by 6 coatles who tore apart his spirit and keep the 6 fragments hidden, buried deep within the earth.

Lungtai used a portion of his demonic power to awaken the beasts of the earth and began training them as his minions. He would teach them the secrets of blade magic and send them out to hunt down and retrieve his

The Thri-Kreen were the first successful minions. They found the first demonic soul fragment deep underneath Stormreach. Lungtai was so pleased with his elevated Mantis servants that he bestowed upon the entire race a powerful psionic talent, making them the race they are known as today.

Ougwai, an exiled disciple of Lungtai, teaches his students the secrets of Blade Magic he learned from his master without the corruption and evil that Lungtai sowes into his students. Ougwai was shown the way by a dying Coatl, as well as being taught the powerful truename magic. He tries to oppose Lungtai's disciples where he can, but he is simply outnumbered, and so seeks the players for help when he sees Lungtai growing in power.

Lungtai now sits atop his throne in his demonic monastery, surrounded by his twisted animalistic monks, swordsages and ninjas. He pores through ancient tomes of forbidden knowledge, fervently seeking clues to the wherabouts of his immortal soul and power.

Important Concepts


Felli - (People of the Tiger) - The basic shock troop of the Feline humanoids Lungtai created are known as the Tigrin, they receive Lungtai's blessing when they reach a certain status, which changes them into either Panthorin (Stealthy Assassins), Jagonin (Sword using quick berserkers), Cougrali (A quick ranger-type caste, tracks and uses White Raven), Leonin (Powerful Monks who use Stone Dragon), and finally the king (Based on a Snow Leopard), Leopardus Rex
Thri-Kreen - (People of the Mantis) - The Evolved Mantis folk, Lungtai's favored children. They found the first fiendstone shard, the Fiendstone Mind Shard, which brought Lungtai back his vast intelligence. As reward Lungtai favored his mantis children with the gift of Psionics. They serve as his psionic commandos, and as so have largely been sent to Sarlona to search for Shards there. Some wild Mantis-folk that never received the Master's blessing can still be found wandering the Xen'drik jungle.
Yuan-Ti - (People of the Snake) - The Yuan-ti have been working out of Q'Barra, they are getting very close to unearthing the Fiendstone Body Shard which would return the Master's constitution. Retrieval has been slowed by local Lizardfolk and Dragonborn. Player's may hear of a rumor regarding a fiendish Quarry ran by Yuan-ti, and may have to go stop them. Yuan-ti are sorcerers and practitioners of the Diamond Mind discipline, or the occasional few practice in Pact Magic.
Kenku - (People of the Bird) - The quick and crafty Kenku have been tasked with tracking down the Fiendstone Agility Shard, which will bring back the master's speed and agility. Kenku are generally rogues, urban rangers, and Sword Sages practicing the Desert Wind or White Raven disciplines. They have been sent to Karnnath, where it is believed the Shard was hidden.
Simiad - (People of the Monkey) - These creatures are insanely strong, and have been tasked with tracking down the Fiendstone Might Shard, which will restore The Master's Strength. There are several breeds of these as well, the Hadozee who are the swashbuckling sailors, the Apir, who are Two-Handed Weapon fighters with a focus on brute force, Orangateel a Two-Weapon Fighter which is extremely agile, and the Girallon, their dim-witted cousin.
Nameless - (The Shame of Lungtai) - These creatures failed Lungtai in their quest for the Fiendstone Spirit Shard, when Ougwai managed to steal it from them. As punishment the creatures were stripped of their names, and their civility, forced to serve Lungtai as atrociously savage and extremely dangerous guardians. They had originally been based upon a Rhinocerous, but that resemblence has faded to just a shade now; they have thick gray hides, four large horns, four arms, and a powerful spiked tail. They have a hellfire breathweapon, which deals equal parts fire and negative energy damage, and are quick to fly into a destructive rage.

Current Location of Shards

Fiendstone Strength Shard Lhazaar, on Tempest Isle, Simiads are tracking it down.
Fiendstone Dexterity Shard Droaam, The Kenku are searching for it
Fiendstone Constitution Shard With the Party, The Yuan-ti are responsible.
Fiendstone Intelligence Shard With Lungtai
Fiendstone Wisdom Shard With the Party, given to them by Ougwai
Fiendstone Charisma Shard With the Party; The Felli are desperate to retrieve it

Specific Enemies

Tigrin Infiltrator - The Tigrin which attacked the party in Sharn, Level 6 Swordsages, specializing in Shadow Hand and Tiger Claw

Cult of the Undying Wyrm

The Emerald Claw - Ancient Green Dragon, he has ambitions to become immortal and have vengeance on those who betrayed him.
Pothikirothuros - His lapdog, the Black Dragon Vuthavivexia, who was one of the leaders of the House Vol extermination.
Greenspawn Zealot - Dragonspawn from MM4, his shock troops.

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