Voyage To Wolfran Island

Adventure consists of small dungeon-crawl type missions at different sites all on the central island, Wolfran Island. It's history is detailed on it's page.
Adventure begins with a request to investigate a missing shipment of cargo from Xen'drik that was scheduled to arrive at Sharn. It's last divined whereabouts was near Wolfran island, but all attempts to contact Lord Wolfran through magical means have failed. Reward promised is 300gp per member of the party, and some masterworked weapons of their choosing are awarded before departing. Players can ask for up to 50gp in advance for supplies.

The party will leave in the morning and therefor arrive at Wolfran Island on the East Beach when approaching nightfall. It is here that they will encounter the Devilfish when investigating the ship.
Devilfish Encounter

Wolfran Manor

Side Quest:Traven's Memories

Traven is now a zombie and has his memories locked away inside the Khyber Shard buried in his skull, which also contains his soul. Traven's memories can be unlocked with a complicated ritual, which is detailed in a Warded Journal of Wolfrans. The character who is attempting to unlock the memories must grasp the shard and utter the word "Iesha". This will open Traven's mind up, at which point the character must make a will save dc 24 to smash the mental bonds. If the save fails the gem crumbles and Traven's soul is lost, his body immediately becoming a mindless zombie.
This can be made easier by doing the following;
Any person with psionic powers or telepathic magical abilities can assist, adding his own wisdom modifier to the attempting characters.
Also if Traven is provided prior to the attempt with physical proof of his past life it will aid in the process;
The instrument of his death (The Broken Bookend), reduces the dc by 2,
Iesha's Scarf reduces the DC by 2,
A portrait of Traven (Such as the one in his room) reduces the dc by 2,
Traven's hunting bow reduces the dc by 2
Either of Wolfran's Journals reduce it a further 2 points.

Once Traven recovers his memories his magical compulsion to obey his master's orders is also lifted and he can leave the tower. He is overjoyed at hearing of Wolfran's final fate if killed, or offers to help put him to rest if Wolfran has not yet been killed. Also gladly pilots the Yacht for the party, and when he parts ways with the party he goes back to Wolfran Island, gathers as much disposable cash that he can and then sets himself up in Karrnath. The party may run into him again when travelling through Karrnath, and he will at a moment's notice gratefully put his unlife of the line for them.

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