War Crimes And Hard Time

Bad Guy: The bad guy is a genius inventor for House Cannith, a Human Artificer named Zagodin. He has incredible skill with building constructs, traps, poisons and siege weapons, so this is what the players will run into when pursuing him. He has an affinity for lightning damage, ranged weaponry (Particularly Darts), and hastily laid traps to prolong pursuit. Blast discs and poisoned darts are a common method of slowing down captors. Zagodin is proficient with throwing weapons, and so when getting into a fight he will attempt to keep the attackers at range, usually by trapping the area beforehand or sicking constructs on them, and picking away at them with his poisoned or enchanted darts.

Obstacles/Complications: Traps, Constructs, Puzzles, Poison
Locations: Sharn (The Cogs); Airship Docking Tower; The Mournland



Clockwork Creature - A template added to various creatures.


Trapped Doors
Word Game Doors- 1) Curse/Cure (Book of Challenges)
2) Choose four companions who will venture forth with you; if you choose wisely, the gates of wonder will be sprung wide OPEN. (cOckatrice, sPider, bEar, uNicorn, Dragon, Tiger, Kraken, Troll, Rat)

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