Who Ya Gonna Call

In the process of moving the bodies of the deceased from the temporary crypt in the basement of The Black Chapel, to the new Graveyard, some ceremonial rites were misread. A couple of ghosts were unleashed as a result and they have returned to haunt their old stomping grounds or place of death. These spirits need to be defeated and collected, then their bodies must be consecrated and laid to rest. This could be complicated as a couple spirits have possessed a few of the laborers who were tasked to move the bodies.

Note: This adventure came about as the result of building the graveyard, should explore the black chapel as well as the graveyard and a few notable town locations. Final encounter will be ghost possessed gravediggers, probably indentured labor (Tigrin) from the prison. Party will be given little soul gems to collect ghost spirits, they grant their possessor a tiny bit of experience based on the spirit inside, and also allows the spirit to talk freely with it's soulgems holder, which can and should be annoying and creepy, but still kinda funny.

Ghosts: Ned Bourbon (Haunts the Zombie Monkey Tavern, kind of like Slimer, died choking on a splintered chicken bone. Grants +1 constitution, talks about food and drink constantly.)
Gron Polchuk (Haunts the Lumbermill, is a hulking brute of a half-orc, used a totem like club in life, died at the lumbermill violently. Grants +2 weapon damage. Talks in very simple terms; Gron Smash! Gron like Grog! Gron want axe!etc. )
Weezly Sniveler (Haunts the Black Chapel, is a whiny old scholarly human, has a banshee like screech, was a priest of The Keeper who explored a little too far down into the basement and was bitten by a ghoul. Grants +2 Knowledge Checks, talks constantly about every little thing like Sheldon from TBBT)
Jimmy Slip (Haunts the Cliffton Lock-up, a Sharn Halfling, was arrested for multiple cases of theft and B&E, died in a prison scuffle with Tigrin Inmates. Grants +2 to Hide, Move Silently, Bluff and Open Lock, is a kleptomaniac and urges owner to steal everything)

Inspiration: Totally Ghostbusters.

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