Airship: Colossal vehicle;
Airworthiness +6; Shiphandling –4; Speed Fly 100 ft. (poor),
Overall AC –3; Hull sections 1,000 (crash 250 sections);
Section hp 60 (hardness 5); Section AC 3; Ram 12d6;
SA fire ring; SQ resistance to fire 10, hover;
Space 90 ft. by 300 ft.; Height 50 ft. (fire ring has 110-ft. diameter);
Watch 20; Complement 150; Cargo 30 tons;
Cost 92,000 gp.

Hover: Despite its maneuverability rating, an airship can hover and has no minimum speed required to maintain air travel. It cannot turn in place, however.
Ring: An airship can use either a fire or an air elemental. A burning fire elemental bound into a ring deals 3d8 points of fire damage to any creature or object passing it touches. When an air elemental is used, the damage is bludgeoning.
Aura: Strong conjuration, CL 15th.
Construction: Bind Elemental, greater planar binding, 46,000 gp, 3,680 XP, 92 days.
Price: 92,000 gp.

Source: Explorer's Handbook (Eberron)

Flying an airship

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