Life in the Fallen was very easy to describe because it was the same day over and over again. As far as I could remember I would wake hungry, then we would prowl our section of Fallen hunting rats and foxes for food, perhaps the other tribes would raid and we would fight or we would raid them and fight. Hunger and violence were the threads of my life.
But the thunder of voices in my head and the fact I knew no other life meant I never thought it might be different. Until the day I slew Ragnar in battle and took a fang of his for a trophy.Through it I forged a connection with him. His voice was loud and clear to me and on occasions it could drown out all the others and we would speak. He bore me no ill will for his death, for he was old and a honourable death in combat was all he could hope for (though my new tribe tell me in their world the old are looked after and cared for when their usefulness is long past). Ragnar had fought as a mercenary outside the Fallen and he told me tales of life outside the rubble in the city. Of flowing wine and beautiful, soft women. Of sleeping on beds and not rocks and feasting on meat until you're hunger was sated.
Still the call of the tribe was strong and I may never have left if the murdering scum of the Blood of Vol had not stolen me and slaughtered my Tribe. Now I am in exile but it is not all bad. I have found a new tribe and they are brave and strong. Kapeck who is feisty and tough, Anvil who is steady and generous, Katerina who weilds strange powers with grace and Loric who can drink most men under the table.
And I have seen so much, the city spreads beyond my dreams and is full of wonders and beauties. Also I hear tales of the Reaches wear Shifters live and where the trees cluster so thickly you can travel for days without touching the floor. In my life in the Fallen I saw one lone sickly tree, I can barely imagine so many but I want to see it. The world is so much bigger than I thought and I will see it all. I will not forget my old tribe but with my new one there are sights to see, wine to drink, wenches to embrace and the Blood of Vol to be sent screaming into the next life.

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