Ambassador Towers

District Type: Embassy district
Buildings: Embassies and consulates (9), diplomatic residences (60), upscale lodging (35), upscale food (50), exotic trades (30), upscale trades (55), upscale residences (40)
First Impression: The flags of most of Khorvaire’s nations fly in this district, hanging in front of monumental embassy blocks in this district. The crowds include people of all races and many different ethnic backgrounds.
Social Class: Upper class

Ambassador Towers, Sharn’s embassy district, is home to embassies and consulates from eleven foreign nations: Aundair, Cyre, Karrnath, the Lhazaar Principalities, the Mror Holds, the Talenta Plains, Thrane, Valenar, Zilargo, Aerenal, and Riedra. A single consul or ambassador heads each embassy. These dignitaries are usually aristocrats or experts of medium level (5th–10th), sometimes multiclassed with a PC class such as rogue, bard, or sorcerer, and sometimes with the spymaster prestige class (described in Song and Silence and Complete Adventurer). The rest of the embassy staff consists of bureaucrats and clerks as well as diplomats, negotiators, and spies. In the minds of Khorvaire’s diplomatic community, the Last War might not be over—a few years of peace could be nothing more than a brief hiatus from a conflict that lasted a century, and hostilities could erupt again at any moment. Best to be prepared. Cyre’s embassy was established here long before the Last War, and its staff continues to advocate for the interests of the villagers of New Cyre, in eastern Breland.

The Brelish Museum of Fine Art: Breland’s national museum is located in Farhaven Tower, near the Bazaar Bridge leading to Middle Dura. It has two main areas of emphasis: art representing the Brelish spirit (which primarily means any artwork created by a Brelish artist) and antiquities from Xen’drik, which certain people in the Brelish government would like to view as a colony of Breland. Its Brelish art collection is unequalled, and includes some world-famous works by great masters of antebellum Galifar. Its collection of antiquities is also impressive, though it is small in comparison to that of the Dezina Museum at Morgrave University.
The Citadel: An imposing, fortified structure near the middle levels of Andith Tower, the Citadel is both the headquarters of the local Knights of the Citadel and the city jail. A great balcony on the outside of the fortress is guarded by knights but allows easy access to this seat of Brelish law in Sharn. Unexpected visitors to the Citadel rarely receive a warm welcome.
Athania’s Companions: One of several “escort services” providing companionship to visiting diplomats in Ambassador Towers as well as well-to-do clients in all of Sharn’s best neighborhoods.

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