Ancient Blades

A mystical forge that deals in magic arms and armor with a value of up to 35,000 gp
Location: Sharn, Middle Tavick's landing, Deathsgate
Owner: Shius Tarriman
Workers: 2 young commoner blacksmith apprentices, an ogre teamster and
Description: The Front room is adorned with all manner of weapons and armor. A suit of beat-up full-plate armor stands in the corner holding a sign reading "The other guy". A medium sized iron golem walks around the store, stopping occasionally to polish and oil random weapons or armor pieces. A door at the far end of the room presumably leads to the forge, and is guarded by an Iron Defender armored with nasty looking spikes.

Notes: Tarriman loves to learn new ways to ply his craft, so he is more than happy to buy any materials that he is unfamiliar with, or especially any new types of weaponry or armor that he has not seen. Of particular interest to him at the moment is the rare Glassteel which can be found in Xen'drik.
Goods: All simple and martial weapons are available in mwk and +1 variations for standard price. Some exotic weaponry or armor may be lying around as well, but would likely have to be made to order.


Name Description Effects Cost
Meniris Tath Jet black magical shortsword Psionic magekiller


Name Description Weight Cost
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