Description: Blue stone mug with a golden band about the middle engraved in Archaic Dwarven Runes. With a dc 25 decipher script check it is revealed that the runes read "Drink Up"
Activation: The wielder must concentrate on the liquid he wishes to fill the mug, and it does so in within seconds.
Effect: Can create any type of liquid in existence, has to be in it's natural form. Can not create any magical liquids such as potions or oils. Can't create anything too hot or too cold. The stone is susceptible to acids.

Aura/Caster Level: Moderate conjuration. CL 1st.
Construction: Requires Craft Wondrous Item, Create Water, Purify Food and Drink, Bless Water 1,625gp, 130xp, 4 days
Weight: 3lb
Price: 3,250gp

Source: Homebrew, inspired by Goblins Comic

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