Argonnessen, the land of the dragons, remains a mystery to most of the rest of Eberron. Few have dared explore the huge continent, and those who have set out to see the great cities of the dragons have never returned to share their tales. Even the Aerenal elves, who battled the dragons in ages past, have never seen more than a glimpse of the continent’s interior.
Traders and explorers can sail the seas of the Dragonreach toward Seren Island, if they have the will to face the
barbarian hordes that make the place their home. Using longboats, the Seren barbarians patrol the Dragonreach and sail to the long stretch of beach on Argonnessen’s northern shore, called Totem Beach, to pay homage to the dragons they revere.
The dragons know that the Serens worship them, and they play to the barbarians’ fear and reverence in order to use them as a buffer between Argonnessen and the rest of the world. The dragons don’t care what the Serens do or what occurs a long the beach; they don’t appreciate or welcome visitors who pass beyond the Great Barrier, however, and the Serens are charged with making sure such incursions rarely occur.
Great monoliths rise over Totem Beach, giant dragonheads carved of stone that must have been quarried far away and moved vast distances. No one believes that the primitive humans that make up the Seren tribes carved the monoliths, but no one quite believes that the dragons did the work either. Beyond the beach, a dense jungle leads to the Great Barrier.
The Serens live by raiding and pillaging, supplemented by hunting, fishing, and gathering. They offer sacrifices to their dragon gods, and some Seren warriors take on dragon totems that they believe grant them great powers. The Lhazaar princes often come into conflict with the Seren raiders, but a few of the dragonmarked houses have successfully traded with the Serens in the past, and a few institutes of learning have attempted to launch expeditions into Argonnessen from Seren or Totem Beach, though only one professor (from Morgrave University) has returned after negotiating with the Seren chiefs.

Source: Eberron Campaign Setting

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