Small village: **
Population: ** 180

This small village on the south-eastern border of Ossia is the closest southern settlement to Grandia. It is mainly farmland with a small keep in the center which collects land taxes and serves a fortified retreat in case of attack. There are few services available in the area. Those available are Wrogens Frothy Mug tavern and the Arlain General Store.
The land belongs to Milbury's paladin in name, as he inherited the title of lord; however he tithed the land to the church of heironeous to use as a bastion of good against the evil of Hextor in the neighboring nation of Grandia. In return the church outfitted the paladin with a heavenly crafted sword, full-plate and warhorse, which he has pledged to pay for in time.

Arlain Keep

A 14 room keep, with a spacious front courtyard and a modest church of Heironeous under construction, all encircled by a 10 foot high wooden palisade studded with 3 watch-towers.

The church has placed 2 sections of heavy infantry, a ballista unit, a section of medium cavalry and a half section of archers in the keep. These men are trained soldiers who have pledged allegiance to Heironeous foremost and are determined to fight with religious zeal.

Layout of the keep

Arlain Keep
This stone structure is two stories high, with the upper floor being reserved for the Lord's room, trophy room and guest bedrooms.
1. Barracks (5) Can hold up to 50 people.
2. Basic Throne Room,
3. Basic Kitchen (2)
4. Servant Quarters
5. Basic Trophy Hall -
6. Basic Bedroom Suite - The Lord's bedroom.
7. Basic Courtyard - An open air courtyard in the center of the keep.
8. Basic Bedrooms (2) - The guest bedrooms, can put up 4 for the night.

9. Basic Chapel - A chapel to Heironeous being built on the opposite side of the stronghold.
10. Food Storage - A large barn used to store the peasant's taxed food in case of famine.

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