Beyond The Battle

Appearance: This is a 3-ft. by– 2-ft. Oil on canvas depicting a raiding party of drow eating a meal on the banks of a jungle lake. Near the edge of the left side of the canvas lies a haphazard pile of dead giants. The artwork is highly detailed, and each drow and giant has distinct features.
Appraise Information: DC 15. The artist of this piece was a human painter named Masae Handar who disappeared 30 years ago after an expedition to Xen'drik. When the piece surfaced decades later, scholars believed Masae was kidnapped by the raiding party depicted in the image. Someone studying the painting with a magnifying glass can see a sigil on one of the drow’s rings, that indicates to which drow city the elves belonged.
Value: 500 gp (200 gp for the craftsmanship, 300 gp for the historical value).
Special Notes: If the PC's seek out Mr. Handar's family and present them with the information, they may charge him with his rescue from the Drow of Xen'drik.

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