Athania's Companions

One of several “escort services” providing companionship to visiting diplomats in Ambassador Towers as well as well-to-do clients in all of Sharn’s best neighborhoods, Athania’s Companions is unique in at least one respect: it is also a spy ring in the business of collecting, cataloging, and selling secrets. Athania (N female elf rogue 8) runs both businesses. The fact that she is a dragonmark heir of House Phiarlan is her own best-kept secret; not even the majority of her employees are aware of her family connection. The escorts of Athania’s are women and men of beauty and intelligence, trained in the arts of conversation, seduction, and deception. After spending time with a client, they prepare an intelligence report for Athania, who finds interested buyers for any significant items. Some secrets she keeps to herself, holding them in reserve to use as leverage when her cover is finally broken.

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