Auto Repair Bit

This baseball sized construct/magical item functions similar to an Ioun Stone, made exclusively to serve warforged. It is a pearly white colour, studded with small siberys stones, and two pincer like arms. When activated the 'Bit' circles around the warforged owner performing repairs as it can, in this manner the warforged regains 1 hit point every 2 hours. When circling the owner, it remains 1-3 feet away and so occupies the same space as it's owner. The Bit can be targeted by hostile attacks with a sunder attempt or can be damaged with an area of effect spell when it is active. It takes a standard action to activate and to deactivate and stow it away.
The bit has a hardness of 15 and 30 hit points.
Cost: 16,000gp
Source: Homebrew

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