District Type: Sky district
Buildings: Temple (Silver Flame), upscale lodging (20), upscale food (28), exotic trades (11), upscale trades (20), upscale residences (60)
First Impression: This district is almost silent, floating on clouds high above the hubbub of the city. Servants scurry about from fabulous mansions to exquisite shops, while the gentry who call this place home parade in state, often riding griffons or hippogriffs, as they call upon their counterparts.
Social Class: Upper class

The two districts of Skyway appear almost the same in character and composition; Azure is just “southern Skyway” (hovering roughly over the Menthis Plateau) while Brilliant is “northern Skyway” (positioned over the Central Plateau). Both districts feature expansive estates unlike anything found among the lower towers, with churning vistas of cloudstuff forming the elegant landscape. In places, the cloud matter on which the ward is built is shaped (permanently or temporarily) into an elegant statue or the semblance of a tree.

Azure Gateway Restaurant: One of the fabulous restaurants offering stunning views and exquisite meals, the Azure Gateway is not as well known as the Celestial Vista, but it is rarely as crowded as a result. The menu is exotic, offering delights from Thrane (including fine steaks), Karrnath (such as their famous breaded veal as well as traditional sausage dishes), and Aundair (including noodles and meats in tomato- and oil-based sauces). The interesting thing about the Azure Gateway is that no one knows the identity of its owner. He or she is said to dine in the restaurant on a regular basis but remains completely anonymous. Some people speculate that the owner is a doppelganger or some other shapechanger.
The maitre d’hotel, an aristocratic halfelf named Ravvan Mollac (LN male half-elf wizard 6) smiles at these rumors, for he actually owns the restaurant. He takes great delight in seating customers who spend their entire meal staring around the restaurant trying to pick out the owner.
Celestial Vista Restaurant: The Celestial Vista is the most well known of Skyway’s elegant restaurants, and the most in demand. The maitre d’hotel cheerfully turns away visitors who have no reservations, and even those with reservations can be forced to wait an hour or more to be seated. The menu is similar to that of the Azure Gateway, but offers some less exotic fare as well to accommodate throngs of not-very-adventurous tourists who come for the view rather than the food. The owner of the Celestial Vista is Evix ir’Marasha (LN female human aristocrat 2/bard 4), who is also Skyway’s representative on the City Council.
Cloudpool Park: Near the center of Skyway, where Azure and Brilliant meet, Cloudpool Park stands as a testimony to the fantastic power of magic. Wispy cloudstuff is shaped throughout the park to resemble exquisitely detailed trees, whose leaves rustle in the ever-present breeze. The cloudscape rolls in gentle hills, forming beautiful lawns where the residents of Skyway enjoy picnics and long walks. At the center of the park lies a large “pool” of crystal-clear ice that affords a spectacular view of the city below to those brave enough to stand on it or peer over the edge.

Source: Sharn

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