Azure Peak

A dwarven mining community 30 miles to the North of Drakewatch, bordering on Infernian lands. It gets it's name from the peak of the main mountain the village mines, the ice cap of which has a blue tint. It is known for mining iron with a slightly blue tint, as well as a variety of blue and green gemstones, most common of which being Sapphire. More recently the dwarves came across a tremendous find in the mountains, Blue Ice. which they have been mining and sending back into Ossia.

Recently the party found out that the entire Dwarven community of Azure Peak was wiped out by a Grandian saboteur employing Infernian mercenary undead and devil handlers. With no legal owner or residents and it's ownership was reverted to the state.
Switchback back down the mountain, 450 meters. (Would take half a day to climb, and 8 seconds, just over a round, to fall to the ground.)


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Recent Developments

The party ended up purchasing the property, making a deal with the town mayor. They now have plans to develop the area with the cooperation of Drakewatch, Togen, The Church of Heironeous and the Church of Bahamut.
Cost was 60,000. 20,000 of which was paid by the Church of Heironeous. In return the church took the eastern 40 acres of land, and is building a church/barracks on the plateau. Geon has invested 3500gp into the building of a temple/barracks to bahamut on the opposite side of the plateau, and the church has matched his investment with another 3500gp towards the buildings construction.

Completely Paid Off

Party Holdings

Azure Peak Mine - Will take until 1st of November to be repaired. Will be slight renovations.
120 Acres of farmland at the base of the mountain, The eastern 40 of which belongs to Heironeous.
Eoin Cross' Mercenary Company - At the base of the mountain switchback. - Should be built in 2 months.

Planned Structures

On Plateau
Azure Peak Church of Heironeous - Will be built by 1st of February
Azure Peak Temple of Bahamut - Will be built by 15th of January
Mine Foreman House - Will be built by 1st of December
Temporary Living Quarters - Will be built by 1st of December

Ossian Army Watchtower/Barracks - For a detachment of 2 sections of infantry, Will be completed by mid-October.
This independent 30-foot tall tower of hewn stone comes complete with a guard post on top. Note that the cost listed below does not include the soldiers’ equipment.
Components: Guard post; Barracks 20
Size: 2.5 stronghold spaces; Cost: 1600 gp.
Staff: Guards (6); Upkeep: 36 gp per month. 20 Guards are stationed here in total.

Eoin Cross' Mercenary Company - Should be built in 2 months.

Inhabitants of Mine

14 - 1st level warriors and priests of bahamut
1x Half-Bronze Dragon Fighter/Paladin of Bahamut Kepeska
Teegan Stronghammer
Mine Staff

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