Azure Peak Mine

Mine is fully operational by November 1st and will begin generating revenue after that day.
Once the mine has been repaired it has 3 levels. The first level is level with the plateau, it houses all the administration, warehouses and Teegan's smithy. Iron is mined around the main floor in branching seams. A lift takes workers to the second level where the blue ice, gems and more iron is mined. The gnomes have set up an area for themselves down here so they don't need to come up top to rest or eat.
The third floor is called DragonDen and was carved out by the kobolds. Some rooms have flooded and a dolphin, which has become somewhat of a pet to the Gnomes, lives in the lagoon which was formed in the farthest southern room. Seams of iron have been found on this level and plans to begin exploiting them are being drawn up.
The dwarves have plans on making permanent living quarters on the stone exterior of the mountain with interior passages to the mines. These will be like stone Dwarven condos, arranged vertically like an apartment building.


Dwarves of the Golden Foil

Aalo Rockhammer/ Dadania RockHammer
Buh Lightcrusher/ Dethusha Lightcrusher
Cgih Keybattler/ Eikilia Keybattler
Citser Deathbreaker/ Feduthia Deathbreaker
Darmat Foeslasher/ Gfidia Foeslasher
Dihegu Goodgem/ Haduda Goodgem
Divmo Warhunter/ Hrenian Warhunter
Fvun Enemysmasher/ Krorba Enemysmasher
Gol Ghoulfighter/ Likgiga Ghoulfighter
Hongor Beamaxe/ Sgada Beamaxe

Kayvir Orehunter
Lrul Anvilfighter
Oadi Hammertracker
Oako Honorhunter
Oire Beamgilder
Rok Demonsmiter
Rolmih Anvilkiller
Tag Forgechop
Teha Fiendsmiter
Yir Beamcrusher

RedShirt Clan: Riddick, Ythan, Cyran and Len Redshirt were killed in the White Dragon invasion. Milo Redshirt is the only surviving sibling.

Gnomes of the Golden Foil



Staff Wages - Dwarven Miner costs 3gp/week to employ, Gnome Gem-Cutter costs 5gp/week, a Redshirt Dwarf costs 2gp/week due to their bad luck.
30 regular dwarves, 1 Redshirt and 5 Gnomes = 121gp/week

Output - A Dwarven Miner outputs an average of 14gp/week of product, and a gnome gemcutter puts out almost 40gp/week.

31 Dwarves = 434gp/week, 5 Gnomes = 200gp/week
Total = 690 gp/week

Total Wages - 125gp/week
Expenses - Food - For the first few months this will need to be imported, and so costs 1gp, per person per day. For a total of 36 gp/day or 235 gp/week.

Mine Output - 690gp/week

Total Income: ~330 gp/week or 1320 gp/month

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