“The Sovereign of Horn and Hunt,”

The lord of beasts is one of the most violent of the Sovereign Host. He is neither cruel nor bloodthirsty, but simply represents the cycle of life, the eternal hunt of predator and prey. He begrudges none the right to kill for survival, but holds great malice toward those who hunt for sport or trophies. He is patron of rangers, hunters, and trappers, and is constant companion to his sister, Arawai. The two of them together represent all aspects of the wild that can be tamed—to an extent, at least—by civilization.
Portfolio: Animals, the hunt.
Domains: Air, Animal, Celerity‡, Earth, Retribution‡.
Priest Training: Like Arawai’s priests, servants of Bali nor must have at least some knowledge of the wild, and many were hunters or trappers before taking the cloth.
Quests: Quests in Balinor’s name involve great hunts, either to provide food for a community or to slay a creature terrorizing an area.
Prayers and Rites: Sacrifices to Balinor consist of animal flesh, which must come from a creature slain for food, fur, or tools; killing an animal only for sacrifice is an insult to the sovereign of the hunt. Tradition holds that the better the cut of meat, the more Balinor is inclined to hear the request.
Shrines: Balinor’s shrines are constructed of wood, often covered in furs or greenery to better blend into the background. A temple is rarely found within a town, although it might be only a few minutes’ walk away.
Favored Weapon: Battleaxe.
Holy Symbol: A silhouetted pair of antlers, or the Octogram in brown and red, representing the flesh, blood, and fur of beasts.

Important People and Places of Arawai

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