Banner Of The Storm's Eye

Many of Dhakaan’s greatest heroes marched under this banner, which protected them from mundane and magical fear on the battlefield.
Lore: The swirling pattern on the banner was common to elite units in the Dhakaani military (Knowledge [history] 15). Such banners provided protection from many daelkyr and mind flayer tricks during the Daelkyr War almost ten thousand years ago (Knowledge [history] 25).
Description: A banner of the storm’s eye is a rectangular military standard depicting a white two-tailed swirl (like a stylized overhead view of a hurricane) on a dark green background.
When held aloft, the banner unfurls and waves in the breeze. Its fluttering movements seem slower than those of normal flags nearby. Even if you charge forward on a fast horse, the banner of the storm’s eye unfurls and waves slowly.
Activation: A banner of the storm’s eye must be held overhead to function. You can mount the banner on a pole that you hold in one hand, or you can mount it on a backpack frame that leaves both hands free. Such a backpack frame costs 5 gp and weighs 10 pounds, but it’s bulky. The wearer of the backpack frame has a maximum Dexterity bonus to Armor Class of +3 and a –3 armor check penalty. These penalties don’t stack with those from armor or encumbrance, so armored or heavily laden characters might not take the penalty.
As long as it’s held overhead, the banner functions without requiring any further action on the part of its bearer.
Effect: A banner of the storm’s eye automatically suppresses (but does not dispel) any fear effects within 20 feet. It also removes the confused and stunned conditions from everyone within 20 feet, if a supernatural or spell-like ability caused that effect.
Aura/Caster Level: Faint enchantment. CL 3rd.
Construction: Craft Wondrous Item, calm emotions, 7,500 gp, 600 XP, 15 days.
Weight: 2 lb. (+10 lb. if backpack frame worn).
Price: 15,000 gp.

Source: Explorer's Handbook

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