Black Axe Outfitters

This is a large busy building, with a large warehouse and stable attached. Many of the Halfling tribes will come to this store and sell off whatever they couldn't sell at the market before heading back out with their tribe. As a result the prices at the outfitters are quite reasonable, and the selection is varied, but there is a 5% chance that a piece of mundane merchandise will have a flaw in it.
The store is owned and ran by Tiegan "Tallfellow", a human from Karrnath with an eye for business, a silver tongue and an unyielding patience for bartering. The name of the store comes from his past military experience with Karrnath and the twin axes he carries along with him. He employs a half-dozen local halflings to work his store, stocking shelves and catching shoplifters, and his daughter Kiera minds the counter. Kiera is a traditional Karrnathi beauty with sharp features, raven tresses and flawless pale skin. She is quite charming and uses her looks to slip a few extra coins out of the purses of beguiled shoppers.

Mundane Goods

Item Price Notes
Weapons and Armor
Talenta Boomerang 15 gp Many of these in stock
Talenta Sharrash 18 gp Type of Sickle
Talenta Tangat 40 gp Type of Curved Sword
Masterwork Talenta Boomerang 315 gp Made from dense polished wood with metal caps
Carver 400 gp Large Raptor-type mount
Clawfoot 150 gp Small Raptor-type Mount
Fastieth 50 gp Small Dinosaur Mount
Glidewing 800 gp Flying Dinosaur

Exotic/Magical Goods

Item Price Notes
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