Blackcap Mountains

The Blackcaps are foreboding peaks jutting out of the landscape in the northern portion of Breland forming the border with Aundair. The peaks get their name from the barren black rock atop the mountain and the almost constant mass of dark black thunderheads that cling to the mountain face. It is a foreboding place frequently assailed by torrential rains and even snow. Legend says the black rock at the summit is warm day and night and that, though snow falls at its peak, it melts as soon as it touches the face of the mountain. Very few dare explore the mountains and those that have come back say that deep in the crevases of the mountain you can hear the sound of painful wailing and industry. These claims have gone unverified however. Next to no vegetation grows upon the rocks and flash flooding would frequently occur were it not for the deep running crevases in the peaks. What isn't absorbed by these caves sheds into Lake Galifar.

Nestled in the eastern foothills of the Blackcaps is The Black Pit a deep chasm that seemingly extends all the way to the depths of Khyber and a town of the same name where the destitute and the despicable make their home. On the western side of the Blackcaps sits Drum Keep a mountain fortress.

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