Blackstone Church

Type: Temple (Church of the Silver Flame)
Head Priest: Feala (N female half-elf expert 3/adept 2)
Location: Sharn, Lower Dura, Fallen

There are many shattered temples in Fallen, and the broken statues of the Sovereign Host look down upon the ruins. Only one temple still operates among the ruins — Blackstone Church, Sharn's first temple to the Silver Flame. Once this church was tended by dozens of acolytes and filled with offerings and relics. Today, dust and shadows hold sway, and a single priest administers to the Flame. Faela (N female half-elf expert 3/adept 2), not part of the church hierarchy of Sharn, saw a need and took up residence in the abandoned church. The Silver Flame is dedicated to fighting the evil impulses of humanity as well as supernatural evil, and Faela does her best to counter the darkness she sees in Fallen. She provides nonmagical healing, acts as a mediator, and tries to defuse violent situations. While the people of Fallen don't always listen to Faela, she is the only priest that has not abandoned them, and they generally look out for her. She devotes most of her time to the poorest and most wretched people of Fallen, trying to help these unfortunates rise up from squalor and make a better life. With her guidance, a number of the worst cases have even managed to leave Fallen and start a new life elsewhere in Sharn.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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