“The Sovereign of Hall and Hearth,”
Lawful Good

If civilization is the house of the mortal races, and Aureon’s laws are the foundation, Boldrei is the walls and roof. The god of community, home, and hearth, she is everything positive about society itself: its support and protection, its comforts and customs. She is the patron of civil servants and community leaders, and the protector of villages against the savage wild. She is wife to Aureon, and the two together stand at the core of Vassal faith, for it is they who form the centerpiece of daily life.
Portfolio: Hearth, community, marriage, government.
Domains: Community*, Family‡, Good, Law, Protection.
Priest Training: Boldrei’s priests devote some time to serving their communities in non religious capacities. Some might be civil servants, others defenders of a town’s borders.
Quests: Boldrei’s followers do not often quest far from home but rather root out hazards to the community. On the rare occasions they travel into the wild, they usually do so to found or aid a new community.
Prayers and Rites: Boldrei is invoked in prayers and rites celebrating marriages, coronations, and other civil ceremonies. Sacrifices usually consist of items representing the comforts of home, such as feather-down or foods cooked over the hearth.
Shrines: Boldrei’s shrines appear very homey and might even be mistaken for cottages. They are adorned and furnished for comfort, to remind worshipers that she is the patron of the home.
Favored Weapon: Spear.
Holy Symbol: A fire in a stone hearth, or the Octogram in orange and gray, representing fire and stone.

Important People and Places of Boldrei

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