Boldrei's Hearth

District Type: Inn district
Buildings: Temples (Boldrei, Silver Flame), average lodging (60), poor lodging (75), average food (45), poor food (55), average trades (40), poor trades (43), average services (35), poor services (45)
First Impression: Hotels, inns, and rooms for rent seem to be everywhere in this district.
Social Class: Lower middle class

Boldrei’s Hearth holds the Central Plateau’s largest concentration of hotels, inns, and other forms of lodging. It doesn’t offer the elite hotels that are found in Highest Towers, Platinum Heights, and Ambassador Towers, but a great number of very comfortable rooms are available.

Marquan’s Rooms for Let: A respectable, if a bit run-down, option for longer stays in Lower Central, Marquan’s offers private rooms with a common dining room.

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