Bone Devil (Osyluth)

Large Outsider (Baatezu, Evil, Extraplanar, Lawful)
Hit Dice: 10d8+50 (95 hp)
Initiative: +9
Speed: 40 ft. (8 squares)
Armor Class: 25 (–1 size, +5 Dex, +11 natural) touch 14, flat-footed 20
Base Attack/Grapple: +10/+19
Attack: Bite +14 melee (1d8+5)
Full Attack: Bite +14 melee (1d8+5) and 2 claws +12 melee (1d4+2) and sting +12 melee (3d4+2 plus poison)
Space/Reach: 10 ft./10 ft.
Special Attacks: Spell-like abilities, fear aura, poison, summon baatezu
Special Qualities: Damage reduction 10/good, darkvision 60 ft., immunity to fire and poison, resistance to acid 10 and cold 10, see in darkness, spell resistance 21, telepathy 100 ft.
Saves: Fort +12, Ref +12, Will +11
Abilities: Str 21, Dex 21, Con 21, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 14
Skills: Bluff +15, Concentration +18, Diplomacy +6, Disguise +2 (+4 acting), Hide +14, Intimidate +17, Knowledge (any one) +15, Listen +17, Move Silently +18, Search +15, Sense Motive +15, Spot +17, Survival +2 (+4 following tracks)
Feats: Alertness, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Multiattack
Environment: Nine Hells of Baator (In Eberron, The Eternal Battleground of Shavarath
Organization: Solitary, team (2–4), or squad (6–10)
Challenge Rating: 9
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Always lawful evil
Advancement: 11–20 HD (Large); 21–30 HD (Huge)
Level Adjustment:
This tall creature looks skeletal and wretched, almost a husk of a humanoid form, with dried skin stretched so tight as to outline and emphasize every bone. It has a fearsome, skull-like head and a tail like a scorpion’s, and a foul odor of decay hangs in the air around it. Bone devils, also called osyluths, often serve as the police and informers of the Nine Hells, monitoring other devils’ activities and reporting on their service.
Bone devils stand about 9 feet tall and weigh about 500 pounds.


Bone devils hate all other creatures and attack ruthlessly. They freely use wall of ice to keep the enemy divided.
A bone devil’s natural weapons, as well as any weapons it wields, are treated as evil-aligned and lawful-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.
Fear Aura (Su): Bone devils can radiate a 5-foot-radius fear aura as a free action. Affected creatures must succeed on a DC 17 Will save or be affected as though by a fear spell (caster level 7th). A creature that successfully saves cannot be affected again by the same bone devil’s aura for 24 hours. Other baatezu are immune to the aura. The save DC is Charisma based.
Poison (Ex): Injury, Fortitude DC 20, initial damage 1d6 Str, secondary damage 2d6 Str. The save DC is Constitution-based.
Spell-Like Abilities: At will—greater teleport (self plus 50 pounds of objects only), dimensional anchor, fly, invisibility (self only), major image (DC 15), wall of ice. Caster level 12th. The save DC is Charisma-based.
Summon Baatezu (Sp): Once per day a bone devil can attempt to summon 2d10 lemures with a 50% chance of success, or another bone devil with a 35% chance of success. This ability is the equivalent of a 4th-level spell.

Wall of Ice: CL 12, can create up to 12 10ft square sections of wall, Up to 12 inc thickness. HP 36 per section, Break DC 27; stepping through the breached wall deals 1d6+12 cold damage. Hemisphere: Can create a hemisphere with 15ft. radius, no damage on breach.
Source: Monster Manual

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