Name Description Price Bonus?
The Nature of Adventure- Speculative Incursions for Profit Adventurer Manual 250gp None, but collector's item

Following Taken from Holglen's Cottage in Chapter 15

Todd copied; A Treatise on Rune Magic, and Cartography of the Universe, Both penned by Morgan Fitzholglen.
He also took the following books from the cottage;
A prayer book of Bahodin (A Foreign God of the Dragons),
An Abyssal-Elven and Celestial-Elven Dictionary,
An Encyclopedia of Gemstones with their Magical Connotations,
The Faerie Moon of Eldoran (Could be fantastical sci-fi, or dimension jumping, who knows?),
Collected Knowledge of Magic Portals of Faerun
Dragon and Master; How to bond with your mount
The Power of Dreams on Eberron; An examination of the influence of the Quori - Penned by Morgan Fitzholglen
A Xen'Drikian Phrase Book; Has common phrases in Drow, Giant, Elven, and numerous other Xen'Drik dialects.
Caging the Beast; The Imprisonment of the Tarrasque - An autobiographical tale told by Morgan Fitzholglen
The Wayfinder's Journal - An explorer's tales of adventure in a far-off exotic land

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