Boomerang: This weapon is a lightweight throwing stick, flat and curved, that returns to you if it misses its target. It does not deal much damage, but it has good range, and being able to retrieve it is useful. Boomerangs are used mainly for hunting birds and other small creatures. To catch a returning boomerang, the thrower must make an attack roll (as if he were throwing the boomerang) and hit AC 10. Failure indicates the boomerang lands in a randomly determined square adjacent to the thrower (if the thrower is proficient) or 1d4 squares away in a random direction (if not proficient).

Exotic Ranged Weapon
Cost: 10 gp
Dmg (S) 1d3 Dmg (M) 1d4 Dmg (L) 1d6 (Nonlethal)
Critical: x2
Range Increment: 20ft.
Weight: 2 lb
Damage Type: Bludgeoning
Source: Sandstorm

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