Bounty List

This bounty list is put out by House Tharashk, and updated monthly. Every outpost is responsible for posting and updating their copy of the list and rewarding bounties which are brought into them. The posted reward is the amount of money given to civilians which bring in their bounty. House Tharashk pays their own employees more for bounties, twice as much in fact, to encourage productive activity within their house. If a House Thasashk member is found cashing in bounties for a civilian, in order to benefit from their status, they will be fined a substantial amount and put on the House's black list.

Name Crime Bounty Description Last Seen
Lars Logos Murder 1500 gp Half-Elf ?
Daven d'Deneith Failure to Uphold Contract 1,000 gp Least Marked Deneith Heir, Male Human, Dark Haired with Facial Tattoo
Falconeus Cragslayer Theft, Stole from Kundarak Vaults 3,000 gp Dwarf Chartered a ship to Xen'drik out of the Lhazaar Principalities
Katyanna Coldtral Assassination of Nobles, Religious Leaders and Dragonmarked House Administrators 15,000 gp Red-haired Slim Human Female, Fights with Scythes Killed a House Jorasco administrator in Sharn a month ago; the administrator was later found to be manufacturing a disease to release into the city.
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