Bracers Of The Shadow Assassins Of Morkoth

Bracers Of Archery

Description: Two thick silver arrows curl around upon themselves and through a stylized eye. The bracers are blanketed in tiny etchings of an eye pierced by an arrow. The tip, feathers and eye are made of gold and rest upon the topside of the bracers. The underside of each are completely covered in a strange array of spidery symbols.

Story: Maavu purchased this item in the Drunken Morkoth Inn a few months past. An elderly adventurer apparently just gave the item to him after sharing a hot mug in front of the fire. The old fellow was an adventurer in these parts who had fled with his group after some of their group was assassinated.

The old warrior told Maavu he had claimed these bracers from one of the assassins bodies. He had returned to Cauldron to find out the employer of these assassins believing that these bracers held the clue but, as his health slipped away from him, he said he now realized his search had all been in vein.

The next morning Maavu said he went to return the bracers to the old fellow in the room he had been staying in or at least pay him some compensation but the elderly adventurer had vanished.

Great item all the same. Maavu assures me you can shoot a fly down in a storm using these brilliant bracers!

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