Bracers Of Wind

A Medium air elemental is bound within these bracers, churning the air around you and focusing your ranged attacks.
Description: Bracers of wind are silver plates attached to your forearms by ornate leather straps. Etching on the surface of the bracers is reminiscent of the swirl within the Khyber shards set into the plates just above your wrists. A faint breeze surrounds you when you wear bracers of wind, occasionally billowing your cloak or hair. When the magic of the bracers is focused, an audible surge of air rushes around you.
Activation: Bracers of wind continuously provide protection from ranged weapons while worn. In addition, when you throw or fire a ranged weapon, the wind swirls around the weapon or projectile, increasing its accuracy. You can suppress the winds about you by uttering “calm” in Auran, though doing so also suppresses the benefits the bracers bestow. You reactivate the bracers by saying “zephyr” while focusing on the etchings of the silver plates as a standard action.
Effect: The winds around you swell and surge, causing ranged attacks made against you to take a –2 penalty on attack rolls, as if fired in a strong wind (see Table: Wind Effects, bottom of page). Siege weapons, thrown boulders, and the like are not affected. This effect does not stack if the wind force in the area is already strong or greater. In addition, when you fire or throw a ranged weapon you gain a +1 competence bonus on the attack roll.
Aura/Caster Level: Moderate conjuration. CL 11th.
Construction: Requires Bind Elemental, planar binding spell, 5,000 gp, 400 XP, 10 days.
Weight: 1 lb.
Price: 10,000 gp.

Source: Magic of Eberron Page 116

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