Bregan Swiftstride

Bregan has 2 braids in his long black hair. One is a symbol of his loyalty to his companions, the other is a symbol of a promise he made to the same elders who presented him with Hunters Shelter. He promised to find and unlock all of the item's powers or die trying.

Bregan has 1 tattoo, a symbol of the group of scouts he was a part of. The tattoo is clearly visible on his left forearm, down the entire forearm. It is of an arrow, the shaft fading into a tree with a bear paw under a crescent moon carved into the tree. The arrowhead points to his wrist, the tree nearing his elbow. (the paw and the crescent moon are symbols of his family, while the arrow fading into a tree is a sign of the scouts he was a part of).


Bregan was raised on the outskirts of town. He always felt like he was stared at when he was in the town. He never really understood that though. He would rather spend his time alone in the wilderness then in the village. A goblin or bugbear was easier for him to handle than a couple of people on the street slinging insults.

He was one of the several shifter scouts that assisted in keeping the town and nearby woodlands clear of any vermin which may make life more difficult. They would have shifts and would usually travel alone through their part of the wilderness. The way the scouting was ran, required a decent amount of good judgement. There were always at least 8 scouts out at a time. If something was too dangerous for one scout to handle, he simply relayed a message to his companions to come aid him.

Bregan got into the habit of following some of the groups that travelled through the lands. He didn't really care about the group, just figured that it would be less of a mess around the town if he didn't allow travellers to be slaughtered. Bregan had been following caravans through the wilderness for the last couple of months, even began to become amused at some of the people that ventured through it. Most had no business being in the wilderness, some should never of left a city. Every once in a while, a group would travel through that Bregan knew could handle themselves. He usually left those groups alone, since he couldn't find a reason to follow a group that could kill nearly as well as he.

He found a group that could handle themselves. A couple of them were brothers it seemed, though drastically different. He followed them through the wilderness, even got ahead of the group and let them walk into his camp. He got to know them pretty well, though it was quite apparent they would need his help to get out of this wilderness. There was one among them he didn't quite understand, and he wasn't sure he wanted to. The man was slightly crazy. He was going to form a guild. He even went so far as to invite Bregan to join it.

Bregan still isn't sure why he said he would, but he did. He parted ways with the group and said he would find them in the near future. He had to go back to his village to explain to the elders that he was leaving.

He told the appropriate people in his village and was shocked when they gave him an item. It was clearly magical. One of the elders told him it was called Hunters Shelter. They even told him some of the story behind it, he hung on every word that was spoken. When their story was finished, he was told how to bond with the item, how to unlock part of it's power. He had to locate four evil humanoids, return to a goodly place, then find and destroy the creatures.

He left that night and ventured for quite a while before he found anything which he could deem as from just the tracks. He ended up in the mountain regions, on the trail of bugbears. They must of been a scouting group, as there were only 5 of them. They were experianced though and carried rather nasty looking weapons. He observed them for a whole day, watching them move with a patience rare to their race. He also witnessed them slaughter several creatures for seemingly no other reason than because they could. He left the mountainous region and traveled back to his home village and gathered a few supplies.

He returned to the place where he had left the bugbears as soon as he could get there. Total it was only a 4 day trip and spent the next day finding a fresh trail leading to the same group of bugbears. He was shocked that they hadn't moved very far at all. He spent two days thinking of a plan to destroy these bugbears. None would escape.

Bregan decided that tricks would work, but only after he got their attention. Bregan spend all his time downwind of the smelly creatures, so that they wouldn't catch his scent. He found a good place for his plan and set it into motion. He managed to set up two snares with some of the rope he had brought. He was quite proud of his second set of traps, sharpened sticks. He had pushed them through small pieces of bark so that they would stand upright. The sticks were large enough to go through the bugbears feet, crippling them. He mentally marked his path through the traps and headed back toward the camp.

Bregan began the encounter by shifting into his longstride form. He stalked in close to the camp and took note of the bugbears positions. They were resting, except for one. He was half keeping guard, half keeping tabs on the ongoing fights his companions were having. Bregan notched his bow and took careful aim.

His first arrow took the guard square in the throat, killing it with little other noise than a gurgle and the sound of the body falling on the hard mountainside. The other four bugbears looked around confused, unsure as to where the arrow came from. Bregan moved roughly 15 feet, so that he could retreat down the path that he had laid the traps on. He stood and fired again. He caught the second bugbear in the chest, but failed to lay it low. That second arrow was enough for the 3 uninjured bugbears to locate the Shifter and they took up arms.

Bregan fired again, then turned and retreated. He did not watch his arrow travel, but was certain if found it's mark as he heard a slight groan, a thumb, and the remaining bugbears growl. He ran down the path, carefully skipping past the areas where he had set his traps. His shift wore off while he was running. He didn't mind, he was far ahead of the bugbears. Heard is snare go off, dragging one of the bugbears over a cliff. He smiled as he imagined the face of that one, still not sure what happened.

The screams of the other two let Bregan know that his spikes had worked their part. Three of the five were dead. It was time to finish off the other two. He found a path and circled behind the bugbears. They had given up the chase and were trying to treat their wounds. Bregan's heart was cold as he remembered what these bugbears had done to several creatures. His shot rang true, striking the bugbear in the back near his spine. It howled in pain but oddly only moved his arms.

The other bugbear tried to stand, but caught an arrow in the stomach. They both knew death was coming. A second arrow followed the first, nearly in the same hole his first arrow had made. The bugbears bowels spilled over the rocky terrain. The paralyzed bugbear had stopped struggling and was screaming something in a language Bregan didn't understand. It didn't matter. It's life was over. He fired two more arrows, making the bugbears arms useless. Slaughter leads to slaughter, the weaker by the stronger, he said to the bugbear. He calmly placed his bow on the ground and drew is knife. A single slash put the rest of the bugbears lifeblood onto the ground.

Bregan followed their trail back to the camp and suddenly was noticing things he never noticed before. He spotted bugs crawling and hopping along the ground. He spotted birds far up in the air. Bregan continued along the trail, disarming the traps he'd laid and double checking the bodies to make sure they were dead. He looked over their equipment to see if there was anything of value to take back to his town. There was some things, but very little. He gathered what he could carry and headed back.

He gave it to the elders, everything he had carried back. He owed his newfound sight to them and they deserved the profits of his task. He slept at the village for a single night, then headed off to find this guild he promised to join.


Bregan believes he is the best at what he does and may not be that far off. He rarely really cares about others not of his race, though a few have managed to find a soft spot with him. He may not have "knightly" qualities, but he does have a sense of duty and honor. He feels like it is his duty to destroy the "evil" races, and sometimes does so without stopping to think if the creature itself is evil.
Bregan is rude. He acts cold hearted, but is anything but. He doesn't like new people.

Bregan Swiftstride Longstride Shifter Scout level 5
Alignment: NG
Origin: Breland (near Silver Lake)
Age: 21
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 157lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Bright Blue

Str: 10 +0 mod
Dex: 19 +4 mod (+1 level adjustment + 2 racial)+2 shifting
Con: 14 +2 mod
Int: 12 +1 mod (-2 racial)
Wis: 12 +1 mod
Cha: 6 -2 mod (-2 racial)

AC: 20 (21 when shifting) (21 with skirmish) (22 with skirmish and shifting)
[10+ 5 armor + 4 dex + 1 ring]

HP: 42 (8+[6x4]+ 10 con mod)

Action Points: 7

Saving Throws:
Fortitude: 4 (1 base + 2 con mod + 1 battle fort.)
Reflex: 8/9 (4 base + 4 dex mod) + 1 when shifting
Will: 2 (1 base + 1 wis mod)

Initiative: +7 (4 dex +1 battle fort.+ 2 shifter insticts)

Speed: 40ft (50ft when shifted)

Base Attack Bonus: +3
Masterwork Composite Shortbow:
+8 (+9 when shifted) dmg:1d6 crit:x3 range:70ft

Masterwork Dagger:
+4 dmg:1d4 crit: 19-20x2

Grapple: +3 (+3 base + 0 str mod)

Skills: (only those with ranks)

Balance: ~~~~~ 14 (4 dex mod + 8 ranks + 2 racial)
Disable Device:~~ 9 (1 int mod + 8 ranks)
Hide: ~~~~~~~ 12/17 (4 dex mod + 8 ranks)+ 5 Elvenkind Cloak
Knowledge: ~~~ 11 (1 int mod + 8 ranks + 2 synergy)
Listen: ~~~~~~ 13 (1 wis mod + 8 ranks + 2 racial +1 shifter Insticts)
Move Silently: ~~ 12 (4 dex mod + 8 ranks)
Sense Motive: ~~ 10 (1 wis mod + 8 ranks + 1 shifter insticts)
Spot: ~~~~~~~ 15 (1 wis mod + 8 ranks + 5 H.S+1 shifter insticts)
Survival: ~~~~~ 9/11 (1 wis mod + 8 ranks) +2 above ground synergy

Point Blank Shot: +1 to hit and dmg within 30ft
Shifter Insticts: +1 to listen, sense motive, and spot checks
+2 to initiative checks (from Races of Eberron)
Least Legacy (Hunters Shelter, +5 to spot)

Class Abilities:
Skirmish +2d6 to dmg after moving at least 10ft
+1 to AC
Battle Fortitude
Uncanny Dodge
Fast Movement +10ft
Trackless Step

Racial Abilities:
Low Light Vision
+2 to balance, jump, and climb
Can shift 1x per day for (3+con mod) 5 rounds

Languages: Common, Elven

Masterwork Composite Shortbow ~ 375gp ** 2lbs
Masterwork Dagger ~~~~~~~~ 302gp ** 1lbs
Arrows (20) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1gp ** 1lbs
Belt Pouch (2) ~~~~~~~~~~~ 2gp ** 1lbs
Tindertwig (20) ~~~~~~~~~~~ 20gp **
Small Steel Mirror ~~~~~~~~~~ 10gp ** 1/2lbs
Ring of Protection ~~~~~~~ 2,000gp **
Cloak of the Elvenkind ~~~~~ 2,500gp ** 1lbs
[+5 to hide when hood is pulled up]
Potion of Invisibilty (2) ~~~~~~ 600gp **
Cure Light Wounds Potion (3) ~~ 150gp **
Hunter's Shelter (gift) ~~~~~~ ** 25lbs

Total: 5,960gp30 1/2lbs

Gold Left: 40gp

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