Brelish Infantry

A Brelish infantry platoon consists of three volunteer squads or, in the last twenty years of the war, three enlisted squads. The troops are usually led by a captain, a 3rdlevel knight or fighter.
A company consists of four platoons. A major, normally a 4th-level knight or fighter, commands the company. A regiment of foot or archers consists of three companies. Such regiments are led by colonels, normally a 5th-level knight or fighter. Colonels are usually mounted, though they command infantry.
A legion—the largest unit that Breland typically fields—consists of two or three regiments and is commanded by a field marshal, who is usually a 7th- or 8th-level knight or fighter and an adjunct colonel, who is a 6th-level knight or fighter. A typically Brelish legion is made up of a regiment of foot, a regiment of archers, and a regiment of cavalry operating under a field marshal.

EL 5: These all-volunteer squads, consisting of citizen militia taking up arms on their own initiative, are led by a sergeant.
Sergeant: human fighter 2 or knight 2.
Volunteer Soldiers (9): human commoner 1.

EL 5: An all-enlisted squad features trained soldiers, usually from city backgrounds.
Sergeant: human fighter 2 or ranger 2.
Enlisted Soldiers (9): human warrior 1.

Source: The Forge of War (Armies of Breland)

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