District Type: Sky district
Buildings: Temple (the Sovereign Host), upscale lodging (20), upscale food (28), exotic trades (11), upscale trades (20), upscale residences (60)
First Impression: This district is almost silent, floating on clouds high above the hubbub of the city. Servants scurry about from fabulous mansions to exquisite shops, while the gentry who call this place home parade in state, often riding griffons or hippogriffs, as they call upon their counterparts.
Social Class: Upper class

The northern portion of Skyway floats above the Central Plateau, and is mostly indistinguishable from the southern district of Azure.

Cloud Dragon Restaurant: Like the Azure Gateway in Azure, the Cloud Dragon is an upscale, elegant restaurant with breathtaking views, but without the crowds and long waits typical of the Celestial Vista Restaurant. Its menu concentrates on the best of Brelish fare—spicy ginger soup, sautéed garlic beef, curried chicken, and the like. In contrast to the secretive owner of the Azure Gateway restaurant, the owner of the Cloud Dragon is very forthright about her identity, making sure to meet and greet every customer and ensure that everyone has an enjoyable dining experience. Ironically, Kathya Morn (LE female aranea) is a shapechanger, an aranea in human guise. She has no far-reaching evil agenda; she just wants to run her restaurant in peace. She does engage in shady business deals and has ties to at least one of Sharn’s criminal organizations, but those take a back seat to her interest in her establishment.
Tain Manor: The ir’Tains are the most powerful family in Sharn. An ir’Tain served as the first Lord Mayor of Sharn, and the first towers were raised with ir’Tain gold. Today the ir’Tains derive most of their income from their vast holdings throughout the city; many of the tenements and apartment complexes are ir’Tain property. The Tain Manor in Brilliant is only the latest in a long line of mansions to hold that name, and many of the former Tain Manors are now owned by the wealthiest citizens of other districts.
Celyria ir’Tain, the current matriarch of the Sharn branch of the family, is the queen of high society, and her monthly galas at Tain Manor define the social order within the city. In addition to the great families of Sharn, Lady ir’Tain always invites a handful of more exotic people to entertain her guests—artists, poets, adventurers, or oddities such as Flamewind. An adventurer known to be a friend of Lady ir’Tain finds that many closed doors suddenly open, and may receive invitations to other events or other forms of special consideration.
Celyria’s eldest son Hass (N male half-elf aristocrat 5) is the heir apparent to the ir’Tain fortune. Hass is a member of the Breland Parliament and spends most of his time in Wroat, but returns on occasion to visit his mother and siblings. Hass ir’Tain is an ardent supporter of Lord Duken ir’Clarn and his plan to abolish the Brelish monarchy after the death of King Boranel; while he believes that members of the aristocracy are inherently better equipped to lead than commoners, he fi rmly believes that the blood of King Jarot is weak and that the time has come to set the monarchy aside. While Duken is willing to wait for Boranel to die of natural causes, Hass is less patient. Working with other members of the conspiracy at court, Hass has been considering various ways to embarrass the monarchy or even to hasten the demise of King Boranel. Hass is not hungry for power, and he believes that Duken should be the prime minister after the fall of the monarchy; he is actually pleased that Duken does not stoop to such methods and feels that it shows his worthiness to rule. But he is prepared to perform these questionable acts in the service of the country—and he occasionally hires adventures to do his dirty work.
In descending order of age, the other members of the core family are Cyra ir’Tain (N female half-elf aristocrat 3), Cariana ir’Tain (LN female half-elf aristocrat 1), and Daral ir’Tain (N male half-elf aristocrat 1). Lord Dalian ir’Tain II is said to have perished in a shipwreck during the end of the Last War. The ship supposedly went down deep in the territory of the sahuagin, but Lord ir’Tain’s body was never recovered. Rumors abound that ir’Tain is still alive—that he is a pirate captain, a prisoner of the sahuagin, or the prince of a lost kingdom in the jungles of Xen’drik, depending on which tale you believe.
Despite their wealth and power, the ir’Tains have no connection to the Aurum. While the cabal has approached members of the family, the ir’Tains feel that an alliance with the Aurum would be an insult to the pride and integrity of the clan.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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