Brother Malice

N male half-elf sorcerer 3/ranger 6/arcane archer 1
A member of the Brelish Rangers, Brother Malice experienced his first brush with fame during a deep infiltration supply raid on a Cyran lightning rail station. His most famous shot was one that he later described as “spitting at the sun.”
In the latter years of the war, Malice was forty-four years old and preparing to retire from active fighting to train Breland’s younger archers. On his last mission, his Ranger band was operating in the northeast against Thrane. In the distance, they spotted a large Thrane raiding force consisting of cavalry and light foot. Scouting for details about the enemy troops, they circled around and approached the Thranes from the flank. Malice’s sharp eyes picked out the leader, and he recognized Sir Jeffi n Krayci, a renowned Thrane general noted for his brilliant cavalry raiding tactics and his inspiring leadership.
As the band prepared to withdraw, they were spotted, and several Thrane squads immediately wheeled and charged. The other Rangers broke for the cover of a nearby wood, but Malice stood and fired a single shot at the general, arcing it over the charging cavalry. Barely making it to the copse and escaping the Thrane search parties, Malice and two surviving Rangers later learned that General Krayci perished that day—a Brelish arrow found a gap in his neck armor and slew him instantly.
To this day, Malice calls this remarkable event “just a lucky shot.” Ironically, his modesty feeds the legends of the Rangers, and he is remembered fondly as the man who robbed the Thranes of one of their most accomplished leaders.

Source: The Forge of War

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