Brutus Mactavish

Brutus MacTavish
Descendant of a gruff old mercenary in a long line of soldiers.
Brutus is a large imposing figure, with an unusually lean but solid muscular frame and a small pair of tusks being the only indicators of his orkish heritage. He sports fibreoptic hair which he wears in a fashionable mohawk as well as a fibreoptic goatee. He can will his hair to change color, be it to assume a non-descript brown natural hair type, or a flaring angry glowing red when he bares his tusks to intimidate a trouble maker.
He sports a pair of dark shades and a dark heavy lined coat which gives him a frontierman type of look. Other than his goatee his face is clean, without any piercings or tattoos. His eyes dart back and forth constantly aware of his surroundings and his ears perk up whenever something arouses his interest in nearby conversations, giving him somewhat of a predatorial catlike demeanor.
Brutus wears dark clothing underneath his trademark coat, usually black combat boots, dark jeans or heavy cargo pants, and a black muscle shirt with the emblem of whatever goblin rock band is playing at the club that night. He favors the local band Troll Trash and will usually don his Troll Trash t-shirt when out pursuing recreational activities.
He drives a well-used dark blue 2061 Mercury Comet Sedan, which boasts a number of hiding spots for contraband that he may have to smuggle for a job. The car has served him well over the years and he is quite attached to it, before he got in good with Morc the car served as his home in between jobs. The car has become associated with Brutus after all his years in this area of the sprawl and the local street thugs won't bother taking the trouble to mess with his things; they don't think it's generally worth the hospital bill to try.

Race: Ork

Body Agility Reaction Strength Charisma Intuition Logic Willpower Edge
7 5 3 7 2 4 2 3 1

Essence: 5.4
Initiative: 7
Initiative Passes: ?
Physical Damage Track: 12
Stun Damage Track: 10
Armor Ballistic/Impact: 6/4 Lined Coat + 8 (Physical) or +3 (Stun) {+1 To resist damage, Toughness}
Languages: English N, Or'Zet 2, Japanese 1, Elf 2(Linguasoft)
Perception: 7 visual (10 with contacts), 7 audio (Spatial recognizer and Select Sound Filter)
Lifestyle: Low 1 month
Karma: 0
Nuyen 4d6 + 9 x 50Y = 650Y - 1650Y starting


Active Skill Final Modifier Ranks Ability
Close Combat Skill Group 2
Blades 9 4 Agility 5
Clubs 7 2 Agility 5
Unarmed Combat 7 2 Agility 5
Firearms Skill Group 3
Automatics 8 3 Agility 5
Longarms 8 3 Agility 5
Pistols 10 (+2 Semi-Auto) 5 Agility 5
Heavy Weapons 8 3 Agility 5
Throwing Weapons 7 2 Agility 5
Dodge 6 3 Reaction 3
Demolitions 5 2 Logic 2
Armorer 4 2 Logic 2
Vehicle Gunnery 4 1 Reaction 3
Intimidate 4 2 Charisma 2
Negotiation 4 2 Charisma 2
Perception 7 3 Intuition 4
Knowledge Skills (18 BP Free)
Active Skill Final Modifier Ranks Ability
Seattle Street Gangs 7 3 Intuition 4
Ares Macrotechnology 7 3 Intuition 4
Security Companies 4 2 Logic 2
Military 3 1 Logic 2
Security Procedures 4 2 Logic 2
Security Design 4 2 Logic 2
Club Music 5 1 Intuition 4
Qualities Effect
Ambidextrous No penalty for using an off-hand weapon
High Pain Tolerance Can ignore one boxes of damage when calculating wound modifiers.
Human Looking Passes for human in most scenarios
Toughness +1 dice pool mod to body to resist damage
Will to Live Two additional Damage Overflow boxes
Bad Luck Whenever trying to use edge, roll a d6, on roll of 1 it goes very badly
Sensitive System Double essence cost for Cyberware
Melee Weapons Damage Armor Penetration Notes
Survival Knife 5 (Str/2+1)P -1 Retractable GPS monitor, micro-lighter, and a compartment in the handle that will hold one small item. The flat sides of the blade are covered with a non-toxic chemical that can be activated to provide 2 hours of phosphorescent light.
Extendable Baton 5 (Str/2+1)P (-) Easier to conceal, (-2)
Throwing Knifex10 5 (str/2+1)P (-) Can ready 3 (Agility/2) throwing knives per Ready Weapon action
Colt America L36 4P AP - SA, RC (-), Ammo 11(c);Under mounted Laser Sight, Detachable Thermographic Scope, Hidden Arm Slide
Speed Loader and Spare Clips x 2 for the Colt, 5 spare clips kept loose, 2 clips of Gel Rounds (4R)
Lined Coat (Fire resistance 2, Insulation 2); 6(Ballistic)/4(Impact), +2 vs Fire/Cold
Commlink (CMT Clip): Response 1, Signal 3
Sim Module (Legal), Linguasoft 2(Sperethiel)
Flare Compensation Glasses, Contact Lenses (Vison Enhancement 3) (Adds +3 to Perception), Micro Video Camera (Vision magnification)
Mercury Comet (Sedan)
Implanted Datajack: .1 Essence; Cyberears: (Ear Recording Unit, Sound Link, Spatial recognizer, Select Sound Filter 2) .2 Essence; Fibreoptic Hair:
Low Lifestyle (Lives in an apartment above the bar): 2000Y/Month

Connection 3, Loyalty 3 (Acquaintance); Morc Tellum, Owner of the Club Brutus bounces at. Hooks him up with jobs on occasion.
Connection 3, Loyalty 4 (Buddy) ; Hannibela, a female Street Doc who has fixed Brutus up on numerous occasions. She has taken quite a liking to Brutus after all this time, admiring his brute strength and tenacity, not to mention his ability to take so many kicks to the face without slowing down.

Notes: Brutus can take 12 boxes of physical damage before dropping, and then can take 9 damage overflow boxes on top of that before he dies. He also ignores the first 3 boxes of damage before calculating for wound modifiers.
When using the Colt Brutus gets a 11 base dice pool to attack, it then deals 4 physical damage on hit.
Combat Options
Defending Melee: Block (Unarmed Combat +Reaction)

Character Design

2012 – Awakening
2018 - Brutus' father is born, taught to fight in the resistance against corporations by his father.
2040 – Brutus is born
2051 - Brutus is 11 years old, his grandfather is killed by a runner working for Ares. His father starts training him to fight the corporations.
2056 - Brutus is 16 years old, he begins to manifest orcish traits.
2070 – Current Day – Brutus is 30, his father is 52, grandfather died long ago

• Write down some quotes that your character might say. Three or four should be good. Fiction is filled with characters that can be captured in a quote—everything from “Do you feel lucky, punk?” to “Double Deuce!”—capture our imaginations and give us something to hook a character on.
• Write down a short paragraph, as if someone else was talking about your character. Use the descriptions of the sample characters to get an idea of what this might be like.
• Write down a quick outline of how your character got started. This exercise puts a fictional background on the character creation system. Go back and read the examples. We made decisions all along that route, and in doing so fleshed out a background for each character. This method allows you to explain your character’s traits, magical ability, and where he received his resources, training, and gear.


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