Armor Property

A Large fire elemental is bound into this armor, which smolders with a reddish glow. The wearer of this armor gains resistance to cold 10. Three times per day, the wearer can command the armor to burst into flames. The flames do not harm the wearer, but any creature hitting the wearer with its body or a handheld weapon takes 2d6 points of fire damage and also catches on fire unless it succeeds on a DC 17 Refl ex save. Creatures wielding reach weapons, such as longspears, are not subject to this damage. The flames last for 11 rounds.
Moderate conjuration; CL 11th;
Bind Elemental, planar binding;
Price +90,000 gp.

Source: Eberron Campaign Setting

Weapon Property

A burning weapon has a Small fire elemental bound to it, and has all the characteristics of a flaming weapon. In addition, creatures hit by the weapon must succeed on a DC 11 Reflex save or catch on fire. The flame burns for 1d4 rounds. A burning creature can take a move action to put out the flame. The wielder also gains a +2 bonus on his initiative check if he is holding the weapon at the start of combat.
Moderate conjuration; CL 9th;
Bind Elemental, lesser planar binding;
Price +2 bonus.

Source: Eberron Campaign Setting

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