Mined in the Byeshk and Graywall Mountains bordering Droaam, this rare metal is prized by smiths for use in jewelry and weapons. It has a lustrous purple sheen and is hard and dense. A bludgeoning weapon whose head is made of byeshk has a +1 enhancement bonus on damage rolls. (This bonus does not stack with an enhancement bonus provided by magic.)
In addition, byeshk weapons of any type are able to overcome the damage reduction of daelkyr, which are resistant to all other weapons. The market price modifier of a byeshk weapon is +1,500 gp. Byeshk is difficult to work into armor, and it offers no significant advantage over iron armor.
Byeshk has hardness 17 and 35 hit points per inch of thickness. An item made of byeshk weighs 50% more than the same item made of iron. Byeshk is difficult to work, increasing the DC of Craft checks to create or repair an item made from it.

Price: +1,500gp for a Byeshk Weapon

Source: Eberron Campaign Setting

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