Cassan Bridge

District Type: Shops
Buildings: Temple (Onatar), shrine (Gatekeepers), average lodging (15), average food (40), exotic trades (15), upscale trades (50), average trades (140), poor trades (40), upscale services (10), average services (40), poor services (8)
First Impression: Citizens rush by with their arms full of packages in this shop district. There is a definite foreign element to some of the architecture and the goods for sale, not to mention the people.
Social Class: Middle class

Cassan Bridge is a fairly unremarkable shopping district, unique only in the small community of human immigrants from the Shadow Marches who make their homes and livings here. Several importers bring Marcher crafts into Sharn, and specialty groceries carry ingredients favored in Marcher cooking. Although no buildings need to be built on stilts in Middle Menthis, some of the architecture of Cassan Bridge echoes the styles of the Marches as well.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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