Celeste's Cloak Of The Moon And Stars

Cloak Of Charisma +2

Description: A shimmering silver and twilight cloak that ripples as if gently touched by a soft whisper of wind. The beautiful cloth softly reflects the light around it that reflects the wearer’s beauty while simultaneously shadowing their imperfections.

Story: Skie -‘Breathtaking don’t you agree’. I’ve never seen its equal. I was very tempted to just take the beautiful garment for myself but alas it is too big. Not enough clothes made for diminutive beauties such as myself. The bane of every gnome girl, I fear.

This cloak came from a stunningly beautiful girl herself. Celeste, I recently discovered her name to be, only just moved to our city. She didn’t say too much during the sale and seemed extremely sorrowful and reluctant to part with the cloak. Eventually though, she made the sale but it was as if she had sold her heart not just a possession by the look of her. I almost didn’t buy the cloak because of the anguish I could see in her eyes.

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