Celyria ir'Tain

INIT+0 SP30 AC13 (TO13 FT13 ) AL LN CR 15 HD 16d8 (70)
Med ½ Elf Arist 16 (elder)
SAVES F+5 R+5 W+13 S08 D10 C10 I14 W12 C20
ATTACKS / DAM Club +11 melee 1d6-1
FULL ROUND Club +11/+6/+1 melee 1d6-1
BASE ATT / GRAPPLE: +12/+7/+2
ARMOR 13 (+3 Ring of Prot)
Elven Blood (EX): considered Elven due to bloodline
Immunities (SU): Immune to magical sleep and +2 vs Enchantment Spells.
Low Light Vision (EX): see x2 normal under dim light conditions
Very Rich (EX):
Head of the Tain family of Sharn, family may be richest in city- certainly the most influencial besides the royal family. Buy or make opportunities at will within Sharn
FACE / REACH 5 / 5
App +9, Bluff +15, Dip +17, Gath Info +10, Intim +18, Know: Local +12, Know: Noble +24, Know: Hist +8, List +12, Perform: Dance +9, Perform: Paint +13, Search +3, S Mot +11, Spot +6
Iron Will, Leadership, Skill Focus: Know: Noble, Skill Focus: Intim, Skill Focus: Painter, Skill Focus: Dancer
Ring of Protection +3
As required within reason.
LANGUAGE Celestrel, Common, Elven and Gnome
“You say I can’t do this? If it were not for the Tain family, Sharn may never have become the city it is now. You owe it to me and the family. That is why I can do whatever I want within these city walls.”
BOOK / PAGE Sharn: City of Towers page 86 stats created by myself
Celyria loves art in all its forms and to be the center of attention. To accomplish this, she has monthly parties within the Tain tower that only the most rich, famous or influencial people are invited to. If one is invited to a party hosted by her you are truly set within the city (within certain circles anyway). She is an accomplished painter and has been known to dance eloquently when the mood hits her.
Now in her later years, she grows tired being the head of the family. Her eldest son, Hass, is more than ready to take over the family riches which is a concern to her.

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