Centerleft's Rules Of Engagement

Your Role: International Police Officer

  1. Enforce Brelish Law when in Breland
  2. Ensure Brelish National Security and Protet Brelish Holdings
  3. Assist Authorities in upholding their national laws, as long as this does not interfere with Brelish Interests
  4. Apprehend War Criminals as designated under the Tribunal of Thronehold (These are designated SSP)
  5. To do all of the above with discretion, with respect to Breland, and always with Breland's interests as the utmost priority.

Universal Rules of Engagement

All attempts must be made to use non-lethal force to achieve the agents goals before resorting to lethal force.

An Agent is authorized to use Lethal Force:

  1. If He is in danger and must do so in self-defense.
  2. If His associates are in danger and require aid.
  3. If civilians are threated with an act likely to cause bodily harm or loss of life.
  4. In order to protect Mission Essential Equipment or Personnel.
  5. In order to protect Personel designated by Breland as SSP (Special Status Personel).
  6. For Entry into Non-Brelish property where necessary for Mission Execution.
  7. When engaged in an Authorized attack.
  8. To prevent interference with an official Brelish Mission.
  9. When dealing with Mindless Beasts, Undead, Oozes, Constructs, Aberrations, Dragons or Animals; although care must be taken to observe national customs of the host nation.

Non-Lethal Force is Authorized

  1. To Detain anyone who is a threat to the mission, or where detention is necessary for mission execution.
  2. To Detain or seize any vehicle and their personnel and cargoes where necessary for mission execution.
  3. To prevent seizure, detention, destruction or boarding of vehicles or equipment belonging to the Agent, Breland, Breland's Holdings, or the Agent's associates.
  4. To search and disarm any detained person, or person suspected of being a threat to the agent's safety, for weapons or items capable of being a threat to the safety of the agent, his associates, or civilians in the area.
  5. If an agent believes an item to be a threat, but is not able to accurately identify as such at the time, he is still authorized to seize the item providing he has a reasonable cause for concern. If his judgement is called into question he must be prepared to justify his decision at a court martial proceeding.

Steps in Applying Force

Non-Deadly Force

  1. Presence - Physically making self known
  2. Warning - Repeated visual and verbal warnings
  3. Unarmed Manipulation
  4. Magical Restraint - If ability is possessed (Non-permanent paralysis, sleep)
  5. Mechanical Restraints
  6. Charm and compulsion effects (Be wary of where this is used, in some cultures mind manipulation of this sort is a severe taboo.)

Deadly Force

  1. Show of Armed Force - Unsheath and Ready Weapon
  2. Warning Shot with visible ranged weapon or magical device, if able
  3. Engage with Deadly Force, having care to minimize collateral damage.

Brelish Code of Conduct

  1. Engage only opposing forces, military or police objectives or hostile targets.
  2. In accomplishing your mission, minimize any collateral damage.
  3. Do not alter your weapons to induce undue suffering.
  4. Treat all civilians humanely and with courtesy, and respect their property.
  5. Disarm and detain surrendering forces, do not allow them to come to harm.
  6. The Dragonmarked House, House Jorasco, is a neutral house and it is illegal to engage their workers or property.
  7. Unarmed persons are not to be killed, and must be allowed to surrender or be forcibly detained.

Personal Orders


You hold an equivalent rank to a Captain in all normal enlisted army formations. You are qualified and authorized to lead up to a platoon sized unit of any composition desired to accomplish your mission as directed.
When dealing with Dark Lanterns, Breland's covert ops detachment, you are on equal rank with field operatives. In matters of dispute the agent with seniority is considered superior, although the agent is still mandated to use their best judgement in all scenarios.
When dealing with the King's Swords, the King's Shields, or the King's Wands you are considered on equal rank as a Sergeant, allowing you to command a section of the appropriate unit.
Although you have equivalent rank, and have the ability to commandeer other unit's manpower and equipment for your ends, you are ultimately not a member of their organization. They can not task you to undertake anything, your primary objective will be assigned by your superior and you are not obligated to deviate from that by any chain of command except your own.
Other law-abiding organizations, such as the Sentinel Marshalls or Sharn Watch, deserve your cooperation and courtesy; however, in Breland they hold no rank over you. When travelling abroad it is advised that you refrain from breaking the local laws, as Breland may have difficulties in resolving situations that may arise from wanton disregard to local sensibilities.

Immediate Superior: You report to Captain Meira, her immediate superior is the Colonel Yonik, above him is General Park and he only answers to the Royal Family of Breland.
Salary: You are paid as Captain, with Specialist 2 incentives. This equals to 40gp per day of service, and seeing as how this is a continuous deployment your monthly salary is 1120gp, paid on the 14th and 28th of each month. Payment can be received at any Brelish Army camp's pay office, or if arranged with a pay clerk, wired to a Kundarak bank account.

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