Chapter 10

In-game Session Start Date: ?, Barrakas 23 998YK (Monday August 23)
Party has returned to Sharn, they go about their normal businesses. Tarius returns to his morgue to find that Scrappy has been brutally murdered. He confronts Lan Hazal, with the party along as muscle, and Hazal calmly admits there was a misunderstanding regarding the tainted blood and apologizes for his overzealous assistant Shael. He promises to replace Scrappy with a new competent assistant.
On the way back from Hazal's the party is attacked from the rooftops by a group of Tigrin swordsages trained in the way of the Shadow Hand and Desert Wind. They use their blade magic to garotte their targets from a distance, slip about and sneak attack, and even fly at them. As each Tigrin is dispatched it burns up in a fiery ball, only one survives to be brought to the authorities. One Tigrin manages to escape and seemingly teleport away after issuing a warning of vengeance.

New Xp Totals
Tarius: 12,180/15,000 = 2000 + 300 (Roleplaying) - 120 (Vanguard Treads)
Todd: 12,300/15,000 = 2000 + 300 (Finishing essay on Lycanthropy for Morgrave)
Thrash: 12,050/15,000 = 2000 +50 (Following up, checking on Bounties)
Torion: 12,000/15,000 = 2000 + 50 (Checking on Horse)
Centerleft: 12,200/15,000 = 2000 + 200 (Finishing Captain Meira sidequest)

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