Chapter 13

In-game Session Start Date: Sar, Barrakas 28 998YK (Saturday August 28)
Deal with Thri-keen, take off immediately following that day, on a train bound for Vathirond. This is a smaller train, uneventful as it is a day of rest.
End-game Session Date: Sul, Rhaan 998YK (Sunday September 1)

Experience Breakdown after last game

Session 13 Party Begins at Lvl 6, (15,000xp with minor variances) gains 750 xp for dealing with Thri-Keen and the RP with the Weaponeer in Vathirond

Tarius +200 Xp for performing successful autopsy on Thri-keen, +100 for Updating character sheet and magic item info 16,230xp
Todd +300xp for research advancing Fiendstone plot 16,350xp
Thrash +200xp for following the messenger and getting coordinates, +50xp for updating sheet 16,050xp
Torion +100xp for updating character sheet, +100xp for starting the missile crisis storyline 15,950xp
Centerleft +200xp for advancing his Docent plot 16,150xp
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