Chapter 14

Date of Play: 10 Feb 2010
In-game Session Start Date: Sul, Rhaan 998YK (Sunday September 1)
The session picked up shortly after determining that the package was being couriered to the Eternal Cogs weaponeer's boss in Metrol, as confirmed by the matching of co-ordinates on a map of Old Cyre. Resigning themselves to finishing tracking down this bounty the party gathered their mounts, stockpiled food and water, and then made ready to enter the mournland. They planned to rendezvous with the Weaponeer at the agreed location 75 miles into the Mournland, a bit less than two days ride, and then head east to metrol as quickly as possible to deal with the boss.

Important Events:
Carcass Crab Attack
Initial meeting with Katar, Lt. of the Lord of Blades
Meeting up with the Warforged Debt Collectors in the small river town, battling the titan.

End-game Session Date: Zol, Rhaan 998YK (Tuesday September 3)

Experience Breakdown after last game

Session 14: For destroying the carcass crab and the warforged debt collectors pary collectively earns 3000xp each.

Tarius +100xp for backstory, +50xp for stone/mud/ice combo 19,380xp
Todd +50xp for finally adding character info, +50 for shard/paralysis, -300 for Item Creation 19,150xp
Thrash +100 xp for adding backstory 19,150xp
Torion +50xp for adding recent history to character sheet, +50xp for stone/mud/ice combo 19,050 xp
Centerleft +100xp for updating character sheet, +100xp for cinematic sunder attack 19,250xp

Loot Breakdown

Carcass Crab

No loot, but later when they camp down they find an abandoned camp site with some minor finds.

  1. 110 Gold Pieces
  2. Gold Idol of Onator's Forge ~400gp
  3. Silver Raven Figurine of Wondrous Power
  4. Cloak of Charisma +2

Warforged Debt Collectors

Katar (Commander)
2x Punching Daggers; 1 is a +1 Cold Katar, the other is a +1 Flame Katar

Mend (Artificer)
+1 Heavy Repeating Crossbow with 4 cartridges of 5 bolts each
Mwk Mace
Wand of Fireburst (3d8), 8 Charges remaining

Warforged Chargers: No Treasure
Warforged Titan: No Treasure, Huge-Sized Axe and Huge-Sized Maul components, could salvage adamantine from frame. Attempt to salvage would be a Craft check with it's result/5 equaling how many lbs of adamantine may be salvaged.

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