Chapter 15

4th of Rhaan - day 3 of the journey
Salvage the warforged, then carry on outside of town and bed down for the night

Salvaged from the Warforged

2x Punching Daggers; 1 is a +1 Cold Katar, the other is a +1 Flame Katar
+1 Heavy Repeating Crossbow with 4 cartridges of 5 bolts each
Mwk Mace
Wand of Fireburst (3d8), 8 Charges remaining
18 lbs of Scrap Adamantine

5th of Rhaan - Day 4 of journey
Wake up to prismatic rain, spot a pack of giant ants, manage to sneak around. Spot the holglen's cottage, fight the oozes which spawned, break the dimensional anchor/stasis spell upon the Holglen, and pick their rewards. Carry on into the ruined town of Kalazart. Scale a tall building and repel a ravenous Ghoul Swarm with relative ease, then camp down for the night.

Holglen rewards

Centerleft - Sword becomes +2 Knockback
Tarius- Becomes a Gravetouched Ghoul (Pge 103 Libris Mortis), Needs to sacrifice the next level gain before he can start advancing levels normally.
Thrash- Enhances his boots to allow a dimension door type like effect, like he already has, but so that he can use it as a move action, as many times a day as he wants. Also, he can now move 20 feet with his transposition.
Todd- +1 Int
Torion- Natural Spell

Taken from the Holglen's Cottage

Todd copied; A Treatise on Rune Magic, and Cartography of the Universe, Both penned by Morgan Fitzholglen.
He also took the following books from the cottage;
A prayer book of Bahodin (A Foreign God of the Dragons),
An Abyssal-Elven and Celestial-Elven Dictionary,
An Encyclopedia of Gemstones with their Magical Connotations,
The Faerie Moon of Eldoran (Could be fantastical sci-fi, or dimension jumping, who knows?),
Collected Knowledge of Magic Portals of Faerun
Dragon and Master; How to bond with your mount
The Power of Dreams on Eberron; An examination of the influence of the Quori - Penned by Morgan Fitzholglen
A Xen'Drikian Phrase Book; Has common phrases in Drow, Giant, Elven, and numerous other Xen'Drik dialects.
Caging the Beast; The Imprisonment of the Tarrasque - An autobiographical tale told by Morgan Fitzholglen
The Wayfinder's Journal - An explorer's tales of adventure in a far-off exotic land

Curiosities in the Cottage

Detailed painting of a warrior rushing valiantly at a flaming Bulette which is threatening a group of nearby children.
A small wooden carving of a grand tree, at it's base is a wooden nymph laying against it next to a man.
More to follow…

6th of Rhaan
Thrash had a vision of getting shot in the back by Torion and gaining some sort of special power. The party wakes in the morning and as they pack up camp they spot a raging black dragon flying over the town and shooting flaming acid streams at buildings. It swoops in close to the party as they take shelter, and then shrieks out "The Shard!". Thrash having the vision fresh in his mind hands Torion his bow and says "Hey, could you do me a favor and shoot me in the back with this?" Torion obliged him even though this was hardly the time for something as ridiculous as this request was and shot him in the back wounding him with the bow. The bow began to glow for a moment and the carved patterns on the bow inexplicably began to change when Thrash picked it up again.
The dragon proceeds to claw at the building and then chase the fleeing members of the party through the alleyways, leaping from rooftop to rooftop filling the alleys with it's napalm breath. It corners Centerleft and Todd in a building but then unexpectadly crashes through the weakened roof, Todd takes some damage from the falling debris but then has enough wits left in him to cast Searing Light directly into the left eye of the dragon, half-blinding it, and then wrenches the dragons divination crystal from it's head before Centerleft pulls him out the window. As the two hit the ground on the other side of the wall they narrowly avoid getting sprayed with the napalm breath, then begin running down the alley as Tarius fills it with a wall of smoke to cover their retreat. Luckily the bluff succeeded and the dragon ran in the opposite direction. Todd and Centerleft run full tilt through the alley until they come face to face with a group of Warforged Scout Archers and their apparent leader, Cadence, the warforged bard. She bids the two to come with them and then they run east, sending a message to the remainder of the party to regroup on the east edge of town.

Experience Earned

For destroying the oozes and solving the Holgen imprisonment, award of 1300 xp each. The Ghoul Swarm grants +200 xp for having a dramatic fight scene. 500 xp for the Dragon street chase escape and evasion. Total 2000xp each. Party becomes level 7, except Tarius, who just gains mastery of his new Ghoul form.

Tarius +100xp for Player Traits and their descriptions, +20xp for continuing backstory 21,500xp
Todd +100xp for blinding and theft from dragon, +50xp for gathering knowledge from Holglen, +50 xp for Fighter Bonus Feats 21,350xp
Thrash 21,150xp
Torion 21,050 xp
Centerleft 21,250xp

Dragon - Used to go by a different name, but has been renamed by his master, Pothikirothuros, essentially a demeaning title meaning seeker by slaughter.

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